I regained my confidence

What a different a great mentor makes.  I came into this practical placement feeling very low, like I wasn’t a good teacher and would never make it.  My last teaching experience was not enjoyable.  This experience has been totally different, my mentor is very supportive and wants to help me succeed.

  • She let me take over her class;
  • Teach the way I wanted;
  • Guided me through;
  • Proved me with assistance;
  • Allowed me to make mistakes;
  • And never once made me feel bad.

She is an excellent mentor and I am going to ask her whether she will take me on as my mentor for my internship.

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Behaviour management techniques

It has been really nice to be at a school with high behaviour standards.  I found the easiest way to pull my students into line was to glare at them, tap on their desk or smile at them and imminently they stop what they are doing and start paying attention.

Because the behaviour management standards were so high it allowed me to try different teaching techniques with the class.  On previously practical placement I found it difficult to try new things with my class because I was consistently having to manage behaviour.

3 more days to go and I am done 🙂 whoop whoop

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Public vs private

This practical placement has been in a private school.  This is a first for me, as all my previously placements have been at a public school located in a lower socioeconomically area.

Having now experienced both the public and private school system.  I would really like to teach at a private school.  The behaviour standards at a private school are so much higher.  The students know what is expected of them and there is consistency. I also feel there is more support for teaching staff at this school.

Overall, I feel that in the private system you get a better education.  I attended a public school however when I finish my degree I will be transferring my children to a local private school.

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I tend to be really hard on myself, but a few times on practical placement I had to remind myself that I am a student and I am just learning.

Out of the 47 lessons I ran I only had 2 lessons that went badly.  The first lesson was a planning error on my behalf.  The second lesson was not good, my instructions were not clear enough and as a result the students behaviour standards dropped.  In hindsight I could of done quite a few things differently.  But at the end of the day my teacher said it wasn’t a complete disaster, I didn’t feel I needed to step in and that as long as you reflect on the lessons that go badly than you will become a better teacher.



As I embark on my final week, three make up days.  One of which is a sports day.  All I can say is I am exhausted but also happy that this weekend, I only have to plan 4 lessons instead of 24 lessons.

I stayed pretty well this practical placement, however on Friday my throat did feel like I swallowed some knives.

This has been the best experience and I have loved every minute.  I love the school, my mentor and class and I will miss them very much.

I did do a quick calculation, and worked out that I had been spending 65+ hours each week either teaching, planning or driving to and from practical placement wow.

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The best lesson I taught whilst on practical placement was a computer lesson – this subject was taught to all three year 6 classes.  The beauty of teaching this subject three times is if something doesn’t work, I had time to amend it.  Although I didn’t have to do this.

The focus of the lesson was on internet searching.  Firstly I taught the students some cool Google tricks like type “do a barrel roll” into Google then tell me what happens etc etc. In particular the students loved getting to play pacman for a few minutes.

Then we talked about the different search engines available, and I shared some interesting stats.

We then spoke about how to search using ”  “, ~, 2001…2002, then worked through a worksheet.

I will be teaching a follow up lesson also on internet searching this week.

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“Cough” “Cough” Miss I am sick!

Today is the first day I was able to teach. Yeah!!! finally.

I don’t know why but every practical placement I go on, without fail my kids get sick and then I get sick. However, I can power on through.  But they cant and its  not like I can send them sick even if I wanted to.

Monday I observed and then Tuesday at 9am I got a call to pick up my daughter, then on Wednesday my son caught the same thing. I don’t have a back up so when they are sick I have to stay home.

Oh well not much I can do!

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